These are a few websites that can be incorporated
into a Mash-Up.
The first four apps are similar to Voki and Blabberize.
These apps can be shared and then incorporated
into a Mash-Up. (create avatar) (create avatar) (create image movie) (create word cluster) (movies, images, etc) (store files)
FaceTalk (create avatar)
FaceJack (create avatar)
Morfo (create avatar)
iFunFace (create avatar)
PuppetPals (create movie)
FireFingers! (create animated image)
In a World (create movie)
CamStar (create movie)
Sock Puppets (create movie)
Toontastic (create movie)
When all of your files are complete- simply save them in a folder.To create the Mash-Up on my Mac, I use iMovie, importing all of the files in.On a PC, I use Windows Movie Maker.